Rules & Regulations


All members of the Club, the members of their families and guest(s) using various Club facilities and services will be required to strictly adhere to the following:

  • Members are gentlemen and hence expected to conduct themselves accordingly.
  • Use the Club facilities only during the opening hours as specified by the Executive Committee;
  • Adhere to the dress code;
  • Refrain from carrying any firearms, weapons and explosives, with or without License, inside the Club premises at any time.
  • Refrain from shouting or talking loudly or enter into an argument with any other Member inside the Club premises;
  • Be courteous and respectful to each other, especially to the ladies. Be helpful to the ladies and children.
  • Refrain from discussing or debating on any controversial subject, such as politics, religion, women etc;
  • Avoid abusing or striking any club employee.
  • Refrain from betting;
  • Avoid giving any money, present and/or gratuity to any employee of the Club. However, tipping for services is allowed.

Club Timings :

The Club will remain open everyday from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm. unless notified otherwise.


Since the Club does not have any dedicated parking space, cars belonging to the members will have to be parked at the adjacent road at member’s risk. However, the Club will employ Security Guards to generally keep an eye over the area where the members’ cars are normally parked. Cars must be so parked as to avoid any obstruction to movement of traffic. The Club Secretary may from time to time, especially during events when assemblies of a large number of members are expected, issue guidelines for parking. All members will be expected to co-operate.

Dress Code

All members, their families and guests are expected to dress up as per the dress code contained herein below. Various facilities/events may require adherence to special dress codes, which will be displayed/ communicated separately from time to time. Members using these facilities/attending these events will be required to adhere to those guidelines.

The following dresses shall not be allowed within the club premises:

  1. Shalwar with long shirt.
  2. Round neck T- shirt at the main club building/ club activities.
  3. Pajama with full or half sleeve shirt in all areas at all times;
  4. Sleeveless shirt, collarless shirt, shorts and fatua at the main club building
  5. Short half pants in all areas except in specific areas like the Gymnasium. This rule in not applicable for  children below 10 years of age;
  6. Sports shoes and sneakers after 1800 hours in the lounges, bar, billiard room, library, members dining, auditorium/hall room etc.
  7. Dhuti, lungee etc, in all areas at all times.
  8. Shoes without shocks, sandals, chappals and sleeper (without back straps) in all areas at all times.
  9. Baseball cap in the lounges, bar, billiard room, library, members dining, auditorium/hall room etc.

The Club may refuse to provide services to member(s) and/or their families/ guests if they are not dressed properly as provided herein above.

Families and Children

All facilities of the Club except the Card Room are available to members’ wives and their children (dependent unmarried). Male spouses of lady members of the Club shall enjoy the same facilities as male member’s spouses.

The following rules will apply to the children of the club members:

  1. Children of member(s) shall not introduce any guest(s);
  2. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the Club after 7.00 pm except for specific events for the children and /or when accompanied by their parent(s);
  3. All children shall abide by the dress code as per rule when using club facilities.


Members may introduce any person of good repute and social standing as guest in the club as per the following guidelines:

  1. Name of every guest must be entered in the Guest Register available at the Club Reception and must be signed by the members introducing such guest(s) on each occasion.
  2. The member(s) introducing any guest shall pay a guest fee for each guest on each occasion. The guest fees will be fixed by the Executive Committee from time to time based on the event/ occasion.
  3. No ladies/girls, except foreign nationals, shall be introduced as guest (s) in the Club unless accompanied by Member(s) spouse/family.
  4. Guests so introduced shall also follow the Club’s dress code.
  5. All member(s) shall be responsible for the conduct of all guest(s) introduced by him/her.
  6. All bills on account of any guest shall be settled by the member introducing such guest(s) before leaving the Club.


No pets are allowed inside the Club.

Payment of Bills

The member (s) shall settle all bills on account of purchases(s) of any facilities/ services, including meals, etc. whenever such bill is presented. Bills must be paid in accordance with Article 27 and 28 of the Articles of Association of UMC.