Welcome to Our Club

Our Club is one of the elite clubs in our area. A number of enthusiastic residents of area conceived an idea to establish a social club in early 2011. As a result, our club came into existence on the 11th day of July 2011 through dedicated hard work of the Founder Members with a view to place an opportunity for recreation of Club members. Moreover, our club has been established with the primary objective of providing a platform of Social, Sports and Cultural activities to the members of the Club, their family members and friends for better and cheerful living duly upholding the social and moral values. Since its inception the operations of the Club is being conducted in a rented premises in which the Club set up a number of facilities and conducted a number of events for its members. RAJUK has already allotted a plot of land in favor of the Club in its extended third phase project which will facilitate members with all modern elite club facilities in near future.

Card Room


Hall Room






I am delighted and honored to be given the opportunity to be your President for the year 2019- 2021.  Congratulations and Best Wishes to our all members as they take on the support of their Clubs.

This is a time in the club year for looking forward.  We have made our plans, now it is time to begin to achieve them.

As members we change lives and we make a difference in our Communities and Globally. Our club theme for the year 2019- 2021 is Peace Through Service. As Past President tells us, there are many definitions of Peace based on our individual interpretation.

I am looking forward to helping all our members as we build strong clubs and Achieve Peace Through Service.